Malmö Latin School as a unique arts school is an exciting location for our congress.  It has a long history closely connected to both Denmark and Sweden. The first school was built in the 1440s, when Malmö was part of Denmark. near St Petri Church on the corner of Själbodgatan and Mäster Nilsgatan. When Malmö became Swedish in 1658 the 1656 Danish School Curriculum was still followed and the Danish language still used. Over the years the school became more Swedish until the 1680s when the Danish principal was replaced and new teacher posts began to be controlled.  In 1826, the old school building was condemned as unsuitable so the following year, 1827, the school moved to a bigger building at Västergatan-Frans Suellgatan where the school remained until 1879.  It then moved to its present location at Amiralsgatan-Drottninggatan.

In January 2014, the Latinskola opened its gates to an extraordinary secondary school with specially adapted rooms for music, theater, dance and image.  There is equipment for creating exciting media productions such as movies, photos and radio.  In addition to all artistic expression, the school is well equipped for studies in natural sciences, humanities and the social sciences.

Malmo Latin School
Drottninggatan 22, 211 49 Malmö, Sweden