Invitation from the president

Dear Colleagues,

I have the honour and the pleasure to invite you to our 19th IAGP Congress, “Despair and Desire in Times of Crisis – Groups in the City … of the World” You are receiving, regularly, many invitations but this one is diff erent and may be unique. Let me explain, with pride and modesty, why!

The Location
Rovinj is a special place, in Croatia - Istria, in front of Venice, reminiscent of St. Tropez in the sixties.

The Time of Year
It will be summer, beautiful weather, blue skies and sunshine.

The Identity of IAGP
Experience our international network of diff erent languages, cultures and modalities of group psychotherapy and group processes. It is an opportunity to experience group psychotherapy encountering group processes. Group psychotherapy brings deontology and respect to group processes while group processes bring the inspirational vision of Moreno and Foulkes and their colleagues, to clients and society at large.

Special Fees for Students and Professionals
Reduced fees, free of IAGP Membership, are available to encourage participation from young people.

The Congress in the City and the City in the Congress
Some events will be open to residents and tourists to join. Many of these, thanks to the Municipality, will be held within Rovinj’s many open spaces.
You will have the opportunity to be on the stage of the group dynamic, not just an observer but as an author of the living experience of “Groups in the City … of the World”.

So, join us and let us enjoy together,
David Gutmann