Invitation from the Chair of the SPC

Dear Colleagues,

The theme of the Congress “Despair and Desire in Times of Crisis – Groups in the city …of the world” is both a recognition of the stressful and painful times in which we live, and an appreciation of the confl uence of the power of culture and society upon the individual, and hence the groups in which we are members.
This Congress will provide a platform for investigation, analysis and dialogue of issues and processes that aff ect all of us regardless of our ethnic, cultural, political similarities or differences.

We need to continue to raise our consciousness about such global issues as trauma, poverty, hunger, war and natural disasters. Therefore the conference will focus on:

1. The emotional impact of man-made and natural disasters: How does trauma, mourning and the transgenerational transmission of chosen traumas and glories impact on people? (Clinical experience and investigation).

2. Humanity on the move: How do human rights violations through globalization, migration, exile, persecution, torture and sexual violence impact emotionally on people? (Clinical experience and investigation)

3. Authority and power: How can consultancy, coaching, training and capacity building enhance people’s capacity to function in institutions with humanity? (Health management and investigation)

4. Love, life and labor in a virtual world: How do people (men, women, children, adolecents, young adults, elderly, handicapped, rich and poor) in places (megacities and remote parts of the world) use internet-based communication to relate to one another? How does this aff ect their emotional capacity to love, to work and to communicate with others, such as in therapy, in consultancy, in trainings, in school, in workshops and in their daily lives? (Clinical experience and investigation)

5. In addition to these issues, there will be a special highlight, off ering open experiential groups inside and outside the conference and in public places of the city.


We invite you to join us in this journey by submitting proposals for Workshops, Symposiums, Courses, Ongoing Experiential Groups, Paper Panels, Posters and Video Sessions and ideas for Groups in the City.

Submissions are due before 28 February 2015 via the online submission form ( We look forward to receiving your proposals and to an exciting Congress in 2015.

Benvenuto ... Bienvenido ... Dobrodošli ... Welcome
Chair: Elisabeth Rohr (Germany)
Vice-Chairs: Einar Gudmundsson (Iceland) and Enrique Stola (Argentina),
Advisor: Esther Stone (USA)