Travel to Malmö

Malmö is served by two airports, COPENHAGEN and MALMÖ.  It also has a railway station that connects to the Swedish rail network and beyond.
COPENHAGEN AIRPORT, Kastrup, is the main international airport serving Copenhagen, Denmark, the entire Zealand and Öresund Region and a large part of southern Sweden, Skåne. 
Many airlines fly here including: SAS, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Ryanair, Brussels Airlines, Atlantic, Easyjet, Singapore, Danish Air, Finnair, Thai, Emirates, Air Baltic, British Airways, TAP, Turkish Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Austrian, Iceland Air, Vueling, Air France, CSA Czech Airlines, Aeroflot. 
From the airport take the train across the Öresund bridge directly to Malmö.  It takes about 20 minutes and costs about 100 SEK.
MALMÖ AIRPORT, Sturup, is a smaller local airport. You can fly there from Austria, Bosnia and Herzgovina, the Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey as well as other cities within Sweden.
From the airport, there is a bus service to either Malmö or Lund that takes about 40 to 50 minutes and costs approximately 100 SEK


How to get from Copenhagen to Malmö by train

The trains run from CPH Airport to Malmö Central Station three times an hour, minutes 02, 22 and 42. Until 00.42 (42 minutes past midnight) and then every hour from 01.22 AM and then again from 05.42 AM every 20 minutes.

You exit the airport and see all the people waiting for somebody.

You head straight forward.  

You do glimpse to the right. But do not go to that entrance unless you search a taxi.

You are searching the trains. Still straight ahead! You see a sign hanging from the roof: Train!

You proceed: Yes, it says “Train”. The Danish word is tog.

Here the stairs to the trains goes down to the right: You ask the man from trains.  He wears a red waistcoat with a DSB logo.

You tell him, that you want to go to Sweden.

He says, that you have to use track number 1.

All trains from track (spor) number 1 will go through Malmö. You can use all destinations from track number 1.

But you need a ticket. There are ticket machines. You get fined if you enter a train without a ticket. It is your responsibility.

All day long DSB personnel will help you out.

The DSB person can help to you buy the ticket. You need a credit card.

Now you can enter the door to the escalator to the platform. Check ‘Track 1’.

The escalator to the platform.

Finally you are in the train. Enjoy the trip!

At the station ‘Hyllie’ (first station in Sweden), border police will check your passport. Then the train will continue to Malmö Central Station.

Discounted Travel Tickets

You can buy a 72 hour ticket, for 395 Skr, at the congress desk for tourist travelling by local train and buses everywhere in Skåne. You can also get free tourist maps at the same desk. There you find all the lines and interesting places to visit and how to get there. One example is the International Jazz Festival in Ystad on 1/8- 5/8! 
Train tickets to Copenhagen: 110 SEK
Single bus tickets for 25 SEK