Getting around Malmö

Malmö is best experienced by bicycle as the city is interlaced with lots of cycle roads.

“With our rental bikes it's easy to get around Malmö, all year, around the clock. You have the option of buying an annual ticket or a ticket for one or three days. Do what the residents of Malmö do - cycle! It’s a fantastic way of experiencing Malmö”. 

For 3-day rental it costs 165 SEK [about $20 US] or for 24 hours, 80 SEK about [$10 US].
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Public Transport

Public transport is good and organized by Skånetrafiken that run green buses to get around town and yellow intercity busses to and from surrounding cities.

"Which ticket is your best choice?  We offer a range of tickets and travel cards for use on city and regional buses and trains within Skåne and Denmark so it depends mostly on how often you travel. Skåne is divided into zones. The price of your journey is determined by the number of zones you will be travelling through. You never have to pay for more than 14 zones.  This means that a single fare journey within Skåne will never cost more than a maximum of SEK 99."
You can then travel as much as you like on all Skånetrafiken´s buses and trains within the zones for which you have paid.  Remember that Tickets and Fares are Prepaid only!"

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